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Knights of Columbus PJ Casey Council Scholarships

Knights of Columbus PJ Casey Council Scholarships


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Download The 2018 Scholarship Application-pdf
Download The 2018 Scholarship Application-Word

The P. J. Casey Council is awarding four scholarships, one for $750.00 and three for $250. To apply for the scholarship, applicants must complete the application form and write an essay of no more than 250 words on "How has my Catholic faith influenced my values and decision making". All applications and essays must be emailed to Dale Johnson  by midnight May 6, 2018. No late applications will be accepted.

1. Application, essay and Church and Community Activities questionnaire must be completed in Word or PDF format. All required documents are to be emailed to: Dale Johnson at and must be received by midnight May 6, 2018. Judging will be completed by 3 members of PJ Casey Council 2029.
2. An essay of 250 words or less is written on: "How has my Catholic faith influenced my values and decision making" and attached to the application and questionnaire.
3. Email application forms and essay to to Dale Johnson  by midnight May 6, 2018

1. $750 scholarship can only go to a son, daughter or legal guardian of a member of P. J. Casey Council 2029 Knights of Columbus in good standing. If no applicant meets this criterion the scholarship will become a $250 scholarship.
2. Applicants must be Catholic and member of St. Philip's Church, Litchfield, MN, The Church of Our Lady, Manannah, MN or St. Gertrude's Church, Forest City, MN. If there are not four applications for the scholarships the unused scholarships will not be funded.
3. Scholarships are open to graduating high school seniors only.

The Applications and Essays will be judged by a committee of three current P. J. Casey Council members.

2017 Scholarship recipients
Andrew Kulzer

Madeline Grates

Maddie Benson

Morgan Johnson

2016 Scholarship Recipients 

Left to Right: Brother Knight, Dave Keeling, 1st place winner, Brynna Gorazskowski, 2nd place, Michelle Oster, and thrid place winner, Julia Pyrlik. 

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Katelyn Knutson pictured with Knight, Dave Keeling. Not pictured, Logan Caron. 

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Alana Caron, Breanna Eischens, Mary Rose Keeling. Pictured with Grand Knight, Matt Johnson. 

2013 Scholarship Recipients


Beth Wolter, Isaac Buhr, and Dan Oster

Our 2012 Scholarship Recipients


Anna Johnson, Josh Pace and Pat Stordahl. 

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Leah Mergen, Josh Schreider and John Homer of Mannanah